Posts & Panels

Our signage is manufactured from either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel or Aluminium and is fabricated to the highest sign industry standards.North East Signs work shop uses all the latest machines , CNC & Brake presses etc. and manufacturers all its built up letters, illuminated fascia, shaped signs, panel and projecting signs in house. We offer anything from a one off bespoke individual sign (letters or fascia signs) to multiple batch retail shop sign fascia work.
Shaped Aluminium Panel Sign

The Neff Panel sign was built up and welded together with rounded corners.
The panel was stencil cut with the Neff white letters and the Master Partner letters. (The Master Partner been clear pushed through Perspex 8mm thick faced with black vinyl,
and the panel finished in a metallic Silver. Lit from behind by leds.

Plinth - Panel sign

Our plinth - panel sign was manufactured for a new client of ours.
Construction consists of a 100 x 50 x 5mm thick aluminium frame which was powder coated white. The folded panels which clad the frame also powder coated.
The Letters being built up stainless steel and painted long with the logo.
The panels then further applied with vinyl text.

SOS Sign

The "SOS" sign consists of a folded aluminium panel bolted between 2no aluminium square posts.

Thornhill Park Flat Aluminium Panel Sign

The Thornhill Park sign consists of a flat aluminium panel with signfix channel to the rear bolted to 2no grey PVC coated Mild steel posts.

 Perspex Display Panel Sign

 Wilis Scott sign is a stunning example of a Persex Business Name Plate.

Small Signs

Small Signs

Harley Davidson Sign

Harley Davidson Sign