Built up Letters

Our signage is manufactured from either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel or Aluminium and is fabricated to the highest sign industry standards.North East Signs work shop uses all the latest machines , CNC & Brake presses etc. and manufacturers all its built up letters, illuminated fascia, shaped signs, panel and projecting signs in house. We offer anything from a one off bespoke individual sign (letters or fascia signs) to multiple batch retail shop sign fascia work.
Illuminated Fairground 3D letters.

Fairground illuminated letters. Manufactured from mirror polished, the inside face then painted white. Fairground led bulbs provide the illumination. The bulbs can come in various colours please contact us for details. The letters normally come with either Foamex or full metal back trays.

Mirror polished Bespoke Logo - Bentley Logo

Mirror polished Bespoke Logo. This Mirror polished logo was laser cut to the shape. Built up around all the cut out sections and backed with another piece of Polished. The Black section was bonded to the surface. Then the curved Bentley "B" added It was supplied with a opal poly carb back tray and internally illuminated by white Led's
The overall result looks stunning

Built up 3D aluminium letters powder coated Blue

Built up aluminum letters, powder coated blue, fitted at high Level.. These 3D letters where approx. 5600mm long and 800mm high with 100mm deep returns..The logo was in 2no sections and powdered 2no different colours

Built up letters - Halo illuminated powder coated letters painted blue

Built up letters - Halo illuminated built up aluminium powder coated letters. Letters fitted to a shallow foled aluminium panel, again powder coated (yellow)
The letters illuminated by white Neon.

Shallow Built up Mirror polished letters Roland Sign

Our Built up letters can be manufactured from 3 main types of stainless steel. ( Mirror, Brushed (grained effect) & Gold, These Mirror polished letters where fitted to Prismatic Perspex on a small folded powder coated alum panel. Lit form behind by Leds.

Gold stainless steel Polished letters Sign

Our Gold stainless steel letters come in 2no gold Colours the image shows what we believe is the best gold stainless steel avaliable on the market. It has a very high gold colour and can be used as an alternative to Brass Letters.
The other Grade of Gold is a Brushed grain effect.

Green Powder coated built up aluminium Letters Sign

Examples of Built up Aluminum letters.  Aluminium is an alternative to stainless steel on larger letters as its lighter and cheaper than stainless steel. Plus Powder Coating is cheaper than wet sprayed stainless steel letters

Aluminium Powder coated built up letters Sign

Reason to use Aluminium instead of stainless steel on larger built up letters

  1. Aluminium is cheaper saving on material costs
  2. Can be powdered instead of wet spraying again saving on painting costs
  3. Thicker grades of materials are more rigid on larger letters saving weight.
  4. been ligter aids installation

We believe any Block style letter obove 400mm should be fabricated from aluminium. Mainly because the price of the material and wet spraying makes stainless steel the more expensive choice. Powder coating lasts much longer than wet sprayed stainless, therefore much longer periods before repainting is required